Day 30 # janathon – back pain – interesting stats!

6.28am and I am completing todays blog already – that means that it is not normal – I got out of the pool prematurely as my back hurt so much and I could not push off from the wall – Jill who was in my lane (and I kept bumping into) told me to get out – not quite sure where the pain has come from but it appears to have coincided with either me changing my chair at work or my new boots and the walking – I do hope it is not the latter – hopefully it is just a matter of getting used to them.
Go to Kent tomorrow – 5am start so it will be a matter of how my back is tomorrow as to whether I manage any activity or not – so this could be my last Janathon entry – just copied the stats from the running free website – only conclusion I can make is that I have clearly ‘failed’ only 26 activites in 31 days – but thankfully masses of ability to beat my PB in June!!
Run 5.1hrs, 24.9miles
Walk 5.7hrs 15.9miles
Swim 5hrs 6.69miles
Gym 1.8hrs 4.55miles
Bike 0.7hrs (gym) 3.48miles
Really ought to log my meditation too – as that must be the greatest form of exercise for the body – has anyone else started recently I highly recommend it – visit to get started


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