Day 30 # janathon – back pain – interesting stats!

6.28am and I am completing todays blog already – that means that it is not normal – I got out of the pool prematurely as my back hurt so much and I could not push off from the wall – Jill who was in my lane (and I kept bumping into) told me to get out – not quite sure where the pain has come from but it appears to have coincided with either me changing my chair at work or my new boots and the walking – I do hope it is not the latter – hopefully it is just a matter of getting used to them.
Go to Kent tomorrow – 5am start so it will be a matter of how my back is tomorrow as to whether I manage any activity or not – so this could be my last Janathon entry – just copied the stats from the running free website – only conclusion I can make is that I have clearly ‘failed’ only 26 activites in 31 days – but thankfully masses of ability to beat my PB in June!!
Run 5.1hrs, 24.9miles
Walk 5.7hrs 15.9miles
Swim 5hrs 6.69miles
Gym 1.8hrs 4.55miles
Bike 0.7hrs (gym) 3.48miles
Really ought to log my meditation too – as that must be the greatest form of exercise for the body – has anyone else started recently I highly recommend it – visit to get started


Day 29#janathon TPC walk

Woke up this morning to see a dusting of frost over the landscape – gorgeous – by the time I ventured out the door 10.30 the rain was washing it all away and I was not looking forward to the biting north sea wind at Aldeburgh – fortunately by the time I was on the seafront with 3 others of the the TPC team we were able to keep warmish by walking fast along to Thorpness and back – think we are going to up our training slightly if I go by what some of the other blogs on the web state! Good walk – then I went to Snape Maltings for some window shopping – no need to rush home as Z&T were having Sunday lunch with their Dad.
Afternoon spent listening to the radio – cooking brownies and relaxing

Day 28 # lipstick

Went for a run in the bright cold sunshine – all was going well until half way in – I suddenly had a real pain in my lower back – tried to walk the pain out – then ran the rest home but have had to have hot bath and heat roll on my back to try to ease – hopefully I will wake up ok? you never know.

Went to that shop ‘every little helps’ hate it really – try to avoid shopping there – but every now and then (hopefully can count the visits in a year on two hands only) I do go. Z came with me – which was quite good of her – bought her some items in preparation for the skiing trip she is going on.

Read an article today and liked the advice – when you need a pick me up – buy yourself some lipstick – if your a guy – watch a funny movie!

Day 27 (only 4 days left)#janathon

Today I went to Stradbroke swimfit session – and swam pretty much solidly for the hour – I cant remember the exact routine but cant believe we didnt swim 100 lengths in the time – stupidly did not make a record..

I then walked into Fram – in my new boots and helped Henry interview another two Harper Adams students for the placement positions in September – Gareth and Andrew today – both good candidates.

spent the rest of the day in front of the computer (R collected Z and T from school) so that I could attend the celebratory drinks with Clarke and Simpson (being part of the biggests land sale in Suffolk ever £19 million!) and then walked back under the stars – amazing evening to walk back home – was quite a new moon but still not truely black – no torch used!

Day 25 #janathon – swimming

up at 6am (no frost – just rain) in the pool by 6 am – swam variety of strokes 60 lengths – then back home for a shower – meeting out of the office during the morning – rest of the day in the office home by 5 and then in the evening drove over to Needham to see some friends that I haven’t caught up with in ages – good day

Day 24 #janathon – two visits to the gym! & etymology on the word wool

This am my alarm went at 5.40 and I got up on autopilot not really thinking about the day ahead – got to the gym at 5.55 and set the cross trainer for 20mins and settled into my kindle! There was one girl in the gym who really pounded the treadmill – I am sure you are not meant to make so much noise! Having observed her, I must have been obsorbed by my book as when I looked up at the clock it was 6.30 – time for me to head home for ‘headspace’.

Let me briefly quote from the Etymologicon – ‘heckling’ is a process of removing knots from wool – in the eighteenth century Dundee was a local wool trade centre where the ‘radical’ workers formed themselves into a trade union and used their collective bargaining to negotiate themselves good pay and perks – the hecklers.
Wool is also in our mobile phones!….you are probably wooling your friends every day and you are currently reading wool……can you spy the connection between text and textile.
Wool is also elsewhere – Muslim mystics are called Sufis because of the woollen suf, garments worn. Burlesque dancers take place in a show named after the Latin burra which means tuft of wool!

I have definitely not written the above as the original but suffice it to say that reading the history of words is fascinating – worth a read

Day 23 – #janathon swim

Quick blog today – 6am up swam 50 lengths – day in the office (minor discussion/felt like an argument! with my office colleague first thing) feeling slightly jaded – bright sunshine streaming in the windows helped, plus the distraction of moving furniture! Moved map cabinet to our ‘store room’ and a desk has now been put in its space – think it is an improvement!

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